The Duality Cross solves a problem:

The standard crucifix shows only one side of the Christian message: Redemption.

However, that is only part of the story. The crucifixion would have no point if it weren’t for: Resurrection.

To focus solely on the suffering and death of Christ is to forget the all-important next step and the purpose of His mission:                                        Christ died, but then He rose again. Christ was human and divine. The Resurrection promises a better future.

Therein lies the source of Christian hope. 


Buy Duality Cross figures, coins, or T-Shirts for yourself, or to give to a family member, friend, or your clients/patients for an inspirational reminder that tomorrow will be better!



Ideal for counselors, pastors, hospital personnel, therapists, funeral directors, and all those who try to bring hope and comfort to others.

The Duality Cross (patent pending) has multiple messages:

†For people suffering from depression or going through a time of crisis, the Duality Cross is a visual reminder that, just as the total agony of the Crucifixion was replaced by the joy of the Resurrection, so too a person’s life can be transformed from misery to joy. On the cross or the coin, you can’t see the Risen Christ when looking at the Crucified Christ, just as people in despair can’t see another side to life and don’t believe that their situations can get better. The Christian message says that life can turn around, just as the cross and coin turns over to the side of hope and glory.

†The Duality Cross also symbolizes good and evil. The crucifixion of Jesus was the result of sin and evil; the resurrection was the result of God’s promise of eternal life to those who believe that good can triumph over evil.

†The Duality Cross demonstrates not only the triumph of the Resurrection over the Crucifixion, but also the historical transition of the meaning of the cross from being a symbol of hate, humiliation, suffering, and death to a symbol of love, life, redemption, and hope.

†Further, the Duality Cross carries the message that one shouldn’t despair over one’s difficulties but see them as preparation for a positive change; as the darkest hour just before dawn. Just as the crucifixion preceded the resurrection, God can use the suffering, difficulties, or challenges in our lives to bring about good.

†The Duality Cross also represents the dual nature of Christ: both human and divine. The human nature of Christ died upon his crucifixion, but the divine nature of God was manifested in the Resurrection. The Christian promise is that we can share in the divine nature of God through eternal life in Heaven.


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Alpha International Enterprises “Heart of Paris” Notre Dame Cathedral Nickle Silver 1.54″ Coin




Our “Heart of Paris” Notre Dame Cathedral coin was minted to help raise money for the rebuilding and restoration efforts of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Each coin will be diamond cut and just a little bit larger than a silver dollar. 

​This coin is minted in “Nickle Silver” with the full image of the “Rose Window” on the front side inscribed in English, “Together We Shall Rebuild Notre Dame,” and a full picture of the cathedral on the back side with the French National Motto: Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite’. 

We will be giving a portion of the proceeds of the sale of each coin directly to the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.


​The diameter is 1.54 inches (39 mm), and the width of 0.11 inches (3 mm)