ABOUT US: KG is a husband and wife team — the wife is the designer and the husband provides computer and business expertise.

The idea for the cross came from the wife’s volunteer work with people in crisis or suffering depression.

The wife is a writer and educator with several publications; she was the founder of a national organization and has had leadership positions in several social, political, and charity organizations. The husband has retail and manufacturing experience as well as extensive management experience..

Company philosophy and vision

   Our product is based on the Christian faith and its message of love, so our company adheres to the principles of honesty and integrity in our business dealings. We intend to provide a quality product at a reasonable cost.

   Our vision is for the Duality Cross to become a well-known symbol of hope, common to Christian households around the world.

The Duality Cross solves a problem in that the standard crucifix shows only one side of the Christian message: Redemption. The whole point of Christianity is that Christ was both human and divine and that He came not only to die for our sins but to promise us eternal life: Resurrection. To focus on the suffering and death of Christ is to forget the all-important next step and the purpose of the story: Christ died, but then He rose again. Therein lies the source of Christian hope: through Christ we are redeemed and have the promise of a better life, a perfect life, in Heaven.